Author Visits

Talking about myself is one of my favourite things to do! I do presentations for students aged 8-15. Contact me for more information or to book a program; I’m happy to accommodate large or small groups.

I’ve been a public speaker for most of my adult life, which probably horrifies my six-year-old self, who wet her pants because she was too shy to ask the teacher to go to the bathroom. But this hasn’t happened in, like, a REALLY long time, and I’ve been making pee-free presentations since before getting a theatre degree in university.

I was part of the TD Canadian Children’s Book Week in May 2017, where I toured Toronto and the beautiful Kawartha lakes district around Barrie, Ontario. I also had the opportunity to be the writer-in-residence for a week of classroom workshops with Charlie Lake elementary in Fort Saint John, and was one of three Canadian mentors teaching a creative writing camp in South Korea in 2017.

I’ve also been a presenter at:

  • Victoria Children’s Literature Roundtable; 2017
  • The Dawson City Public Library; 2017
  • Whitehorse Public Library; 2017
  • Winnipeg Writers’ Festival; 2017 (in French and English!)
  • Calgary Wordfest; 2016
  • Vancouver Word on the Street; 2014, 2016
  • Lethbridge Word on the Street; 2015
  • Galiano Literary Festival; 2015
  • Ottawa Writers’ Festival; 2014

I’ve listed a few Available Workshops on the “Available Workshops” link, and I have many more options to meet your group’s needs. Drop me a line and let’s meet! If you are a teacher in British Columbia, you may be eligible to apply for a grant; check out ArtStarts.