I live in Vancouver BC. But I haven’t been here all that long.

I grew in Calgary, Alberta. I dreamed of being an author. I assumed everyone wanted this. In fact, I am still astounded by people who don’t want to be writers. Could there be anything more amazing than being a writer?

I lived in Calgary for a long time, and I did a lot of things there. Jobs like:
Forklift Operator
Fairy Princess
Joan of Arc
Belly Dancer
Museum Interpreter, which eventually took me to Ottawa.

There, I became more boring (read: more grown up) in Ottawa, where I worked as the manager for the Parliamentary Tour Program. The job itself was pretty great; there was a time when you could walk up to the person at the front door of our Parliament buildings and ask for me by name, and they knew who I was. I reminded myself of this fact on bad days. And I got to meet cool people, both famous and not-so-famous, and I learned to love ice skating on the canal and nighttime cross country ski trips into Gatineau Park. I lived with a roommate who became one of my dearest and wonderful friends and he always will be. Our apartment was amazing, where we spoke French and English simultaneously, quizzing each other on idioms and expressions while we did the dishes, and occasionally reenacting the French Revolution with a barricade made of couch cushions and old clothes.

Then I found the MA in Children’s Literature in Vancouver, and realized that there was a place to fulfill my childhood dream of writing full-time (at least for a while). So off I went to Vancouver, where I discovered that passions lead places; and wrote a novel for my thesis. This story became my first published novel with Scholastic Canada, and now I’m off to the proverbial writing races!

Other than writing, I teach for The Creative Writing for Children society. I also sell Christmas trees and work part-time at the Vancouver Aquarium. I volunteer regularly with a group called The Writers’ Exchange. I secretly hope to be as famous as J.K. Rowling for my books.

Other things about me:

I have to remind myself that I should read books that have covers that aren’t blue. I love blue covers on books. Or covers that have pictures of water.
I really, really want a dog, but I don’t have one. Every time I think about getting a dog, I get worried that the dog will hate me. So I don’t get the dog. Maybe one day I will get a dog.
I almost got a dog last year, and I was going to name him Larry. But it didn’t work out. I sometimes wonder how Larry is doing. I bet now he has a stupid name. Poor Larry.
I have two brothers, one older and one younger. If you mashed their personalities together, they make up Arthur Bean. They don’t know this, so please don’t tell them.
If I wasn’t an author, I would want to be a ballet dancer. The problem there is that I quit ballet when I was eight. So since I can’t be a ballet dancer, I would want to be a famous actor. I really like the idea of being famous.
I’ve travelled a lot! My favourite countries that I’ve visited are Turkey, Bali, and Germany.
I really like making lists.
I’m a sucker for smooth, white paper. Hawksley Workman has this little song called Claire Fontaine, and it’s all about paper, and it sums up how I feel about nice paper. And Claire Fontaine paper is really nice paper.