Things I’ve Learned.

It’s been a whirlwind of a six months since A Year in the Life of a Total and Complete Genius was published, and I’ve been learning all kinds of new things, about publishing, about myself, and about my writing habits. I’m procrastinating on book three right now, so, to make myself feel better, I thought I should strike something that is long overdue off of my to-do list: a blog post to recap the last little while.

Things I have learned:

1) I am terrible at keeping a blog. You think I would know this, since I have two other blogs out floating out there in the ether of the internet, one with approximately six entries over two years, and one with none. It has a great title though. I wish I could remember what I was going to say on it. My guess is book reviews, but who knows?

2) I love talking about myself. I find myself so highly entertaining that school visits, and chatting with kids about my favourite subject (me) gives me an adrenaline high that takes hours to wear off. It’s pretty great.

3) I really thought I could get into good writing habits, and every week I try a new tactic to fool myself into writing more. None of them work.

4) Netflix is the devil. A beguiling, enticing devil.

The Vancouver Book Launch

It’s way late, but here are some photos from my book launches on Galiano Island (at Galiano Island Books, which is an awesome indie bookstore; one of the best!), and in Vancouver at the Writers’ Exchange. So many friendly faces!

Ottawa Launch and Writers’ Festival

I had the distinct pleasure of participating in the Ottawa Writers’ Festival in September 2014. I visited five different schools in the Ottawa area, chatting about writing and my book. It was my first foray into school visits, and they were amazing. I’m hooked!

I also had the chance to do a super cute book launch at Kaleidoscope Kids Books. The staff were so lovely and accommodating. They even sent me home with books to read and extra brain cupcakes, baked specially for my launch!

More than a Year in the Life…

Here’s a photo overview of my life, to date.